Muscoloskeletal Physiotherapy

uses advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis methods to treat muscle and joint problems especially spinal conditions that commonly cause lower back pain and neck pain.

 Treatments include

  • reduce joint and muscle pain
  • aid recovery and return to your normal activities
  • improve flexibility, strength, movement and co-ordination
  • Help you to prevent future injury recurrences
  • prescribe exercise programs to aid recovery and build strength
  • manipulation to balance correction and muscle tone

Rehabilitation Services
& WorkCover

Recovery can be difficult for all of us. Getting back to normal, or even finding a “new” normal, is a journey which takes one step at a time. Our rehabilitation therapy helps everyone find their own individual recovery path through improvements in strength and functional capacity and mobility. 

If you have

  • had a stroke
  • been diagnosed with diabetes
  • limited mobility through illness or injury
  • had major surgery (knee, hip replacement surgery)
  • had reconstructive surgery
  • had an accident or been hurt at work
  • limited mobility of any kind


Proudly registered as one of the Tabelands NDIS Service Providers, Phyio Rehab Clinic in Mareeba.

We have experienced physiotherapists that can work with NDIS patients to identify health goals, assist with pain management, provide exercise programs for rehabilitation and to maintain strength and mobility.

Phone and speak to our physiotherapist to discuss all your NDIS care plan needs.

Cancer Rehab & Chronic Pain

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Program provides individualised prescribed rehabilitation to women and men diagnosed with cancer, helping them to function at optimal levels through every stage of their cancer treatment and recovery.

This world-wide recognised program is designed to maximise recovery, regain physical strength and endurance, improve body confidence and control by the use of exercise as medicine.

Delivered by the only certified Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist on the Tablelands.