Why do we have pain in walking? And is the area causing the pain the symptom or the cause?

We have many patients present with lower back issues, sore hips, knees and feet and everything in between.

Gait (walking) is a very complex activity. As you can see from the ­diagrams there are many phases within a gait pattern.

Can you imagine how many places there are for dysfunction and muscle weakness to occur as we walk.

Once you’ve considered that, consider this is happening on the other side of the body, in mirror opposite, at the same time.

So which side is actually the cause and which side is actually the symptom?
Many people think it’s the leg that is moving but could it be the stable leg on the other side?

The Physio Rehab Clinic gets to the cause of the issue that is causing the pain and will provide both functional and strengthening rehabilitation which, together, will improve the gait pattern and allow patients to Move well, stay well.

Gait is a special interest for my Clinics and I can provide a clear pathway to recovery and improved movement and stability through our Move well, stay well Program.

Take the gait quiz.


Is this your gait pattern?

Are all your phases correct?

Are all your "dots" working?

How do you swing your arms?