Welcome to the third part of understanding and appreciating the complexity of our body.

After the previous two articles on gait and posture we now move towards moving up and down stairs.

Again, this is assumed to be an easy task but certainly it isn’t simple and contains many hidden traps that inhibit people’s movement patterns.

In elite dancers there are three phases of movement – past, present and future. And it is the combination of muscle activity, balance and visual tracking integrated into this complex task.

As we begin to move up a flight of stairs there is a phase of “past” movement, then follows “present” movement, ending in “future” movement. They are not where you think they are!

These phases which might seem abstract are very real yet complex and play a vital part in people of all ages successfully traversing up and down stairs.

Understanding and mastering these three phases people can successfully, safely and efficiently master stairs either in descending or ascending. 

This type of advanced wholistic rehabilitation facilitated by our experienced physiotherapists leads to a higher standing of rehabilitation outcomes.

Stay tuned to our next week’s edition and see how we wrap gait, posture and stairs altogether to succeed in your rehabilitation. Move well, stay well.

Can you determine the three phases of tense in this drawing below?


Past, Present, Future

The different Muscle Patterns

The muscle patterns for gait and stair climbing clearly show the distinctive three phases of this movement pattern, can you see them?